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Lastiver (1)Caves of Lastiver are located in the valley of the river Khachakhpyur 3 km from Enokavan , a village in Tavush region.
The picturesque hillside gorge Khachakhpyur is one of the regions of formation of cave architecture. Located in a dense forest complex of Small Anapat – a rare synthesis of natural and man-made niches, settles for thousands of years, until the period of maturity of the Middle Ages. Since the times of the Mesolithic niche in the grotto is cut through arched here – a crucial step in the human way to the top of architecture.

Just below the caves, at the lowest point on the gorge, tourists will see a cascade of beautiful waterfalls. On hot summer days, visitors can swim in the cool waters of the river Khachakhpyur.

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The path to the cave runs through dense forest, the tree cover of which consists mainly of oak, and hornbeam – the most typical representatives of the so-called Ijevan floristic area of the Caucasian province. At selected sites, you can also see different kinds of maple, as well as ash, wild rose and honeysuckle. On their way visitors can meet and permanent inhabitants of the forest – a raccoon, badger, fox, at least – forest cat, lynx, weasel, and a stone marten. In some areas you can also meet wolves and brown bears.

Lastiver (5)Rich, is represented and avifauna of this area – partridge, Twite, Caspian ular. The territory of the forest – one of the main areas spread eagle in Armenia. There are many other birds of prey – an eagle, hawk, owl, black kite and the Dove.

Yet mastered the medieval militia footpath runs along the edge of the canyon Khachahpyur, and on every meter of the way opens up before the eyes of a traveler a unique panorama hid behind a velvet malachite tree cover caves and pierce the sky pointed rocky ledges.

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The very cave complex consists of two major sites located within 250 meters of each other. The first one known as small Anapat represents a cut through the rock two-story building of XIII century.

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