Mount Aragats and Amberd Fortress

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Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats: General
Formed by a volcano eruption in the distant past Mount Aragats is the highest peak in Armenia. It has four peaks the highest of which is the Northern with 4090 meters of height. Then come the Western peak (4080 meters), the Eastern (3916 meters) and the Southern (3879 meters).
Traces of ancient culture as well as an ancient irrigation system were discovered on the slopes of the mountain. Also, fish-like monuments known as “dragons” and symbolizing cult of water were found. 

Aragats_mountain Mount Aragats (5)

Three mountains can be found in the neighborhood of Mount Aragats; Mt. Shara (to the north), Mt. Ara (to the east) and the mountains of Great Arten (to the south-east).
Mount Aragats: Flowers, Animals
The massif of Mount Aragats is rich in alpine meadows around which fragrant flowers are all scattered. Among them are violets, wild lilies, poppies and bell-flowers.
According to historians, Aragats used to be covered with exuberant forests where wild animals lived. At the height of 1800-2300 meters there is still a small forest. The main tree growing there is the Eastern oak.
The following animals can be seen: long-eared jerboas, hares, foxes, wolves, turtles, snakes and lizards.

Mount Aragats: Lake Kar

Aragats (2)   Kari Lake (1)

Lake Kar (Stone Lake in English and Kari Lich in Armenian) is a small lake on the slopes of Mount Aragats. It is located 3,190 meters above sea level. There is an automobile road taking to the alke from Byurakan village.

Amberd Fortress Castle

The complex of Amberd Fortress Castle includes the defensive walls, the castle, bath and the church. Other than that, the defensive positions and the secret way taking to the gorge can be as well referred to as parts of the complex.
Being built on the confluence of Amberd and Arkashen rivers the fortress castle was passable from Arkashen River bank, and in this regard, there was a great necessity for defensive walls.

Amberd (3) Amberd (1) Amberd (5)
The Castle
The three-storey castle covered an area of 1400 square meters and was built with huge basalt stones. The castle included five rooms on each of the first two floors and several rooms that served as reception halls on the last floor. The castle was burned during the Mongol invasions and remained abandoned until the excavations that were launched in 1936.

Amberd Fortress Castle: Church

Amberd (4)
The Church of Saint Astvatsatsin was built in 1026 by Armenian Prince Vahram Pahlavuni, who defeated Byzantine and Seljuk Forces in Ani (capital of the Bagratuni Kingdom) and established temporary peace in Armenia. With a rectangular exterior design and a cruciform interior the church belongs to the central domed type of churches. The Church of Amberd Fortress Castle features modest exterior decorations.

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