Ughtasar (petroglyphs)

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Located 17 kilometers away from Sisian near an ice lake, Ughtasar is one of the most important archeological findings in the territory of Armenia. You can always see blocks of ice in the lake and the snow almost never melts completely in roundabouts.
You can get to Ughtasar on an off-road vehicle in a nice weather from the beginning of July to the end of August. The name of the mountain derives from the word ught (meaning “camel”) due to its resemblance to a camel toe. The territory around the mountain and the mountain itself is famous for various petroglyphs engraved on the rocks. The latter are pictures depicted on black and grey stones of volcanic origin. You can find circles, spirals, spots, lines and other geometrical and abstract forms, as well as figures of animals and human beings, the hunting, cult and cosmos of the primeval person, flora and fauna in all its richness on those stones.There are also images of various animals, among them goats, moufflon, deer, boars, wolves, dogs, bears, tigers and so on. Horned cattle, particularly sheep and goats, prevail in the animal petroglyphs
These petroglyphs are of great importance till our days as they give us a complete picture of the primeval life including agriculture, fighting and dances.

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Curiously enough there are no birds on those petroglyphs.

The accuracy of the petroglyphs is amazing even for the modern men. The images are made on even surfaces of rocks and judging from the style and technique this field was used over thousands of years, beginning in the Paleolithic era (ca. 12,000 BC). People from later eras (Chalcolithic and Bronze Age) continued to record their prowess and beliefs on the stones. The largest variety and number of carvings date to this period and the early Iron Age, before it was finally abandoned except for a few carvings made by lonely shepherds spending their summers on the mountain top.

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